What Is The Irlen Method?

Irlen Syndrome is a visual-perceptual problem. Research evidence implicates the magnocellular pathway connecting the retina and the brain stem. The part of the visual image carried on these pathways is either incomplete or improperly timed, resulting in faulty visual perception in specific circumstances, light sensitivity, significant difficulty when reading black print on white paper, working under fluorescent lights, and inaccurate depth perception. (Hobbs, Robinson, & Whiting, 1997). The rapid eye movement necessary for efficient reading can produce print distortions and/or physical discomfort. Irlen Syndrome is not identified on regular optometric examinations.

Identification and Remediation

  • 2 hour screening that identifies specific symptoms, severity and identifies overlay color to reduce reading fatigue and distortions on the page
  • Recommended: 2nd step is use of Irlen tinted lenses which deal with light sensitivity and depth perception inaccuracies, help with perception for writing and copying from the board, and further improve reading capabilities and comfort.