Irlen Spectral Filters Calm Areas of the Brain

Many of you have asked about which areas of the brain are under or over active for those with Irlen Syndrome. The following information has been provided by Joseph A. Annibali, MD, of the Amen Clinic. “Irlen Filters seen to calm the limbic system overall…the thalamus, the basal ganglia, and the anterior cingulated. Different individuals with Irlen have different brain patterns. Some have what Amen calls the ring of fire where most of the areas of the brain are overactive, and some have a few areas in addition to the visual cortex. Another thought for your consideration is that the prefrontal cortex (related to attention and executive function) can be under active and thus not performing as it should.”

To view the ‘SPECT Scan’, please click on this link: SPECT SCAN